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Partying By Age

I have the day off work today and am spending it sitting in the waiting room of a maxilofacial surgeon, while the Boyf has a tooth extracted. Sitting here alone is like 3 hours of constant nails on a chalkboard because while I can watch heart or eye or brain surgery all day long, the thought of anything dental sends chills down my spine and clenches my muscles. It’s also the temperature of a comfortable Antarctic igloo in here.

I would love to share this link my BFF sent me today – Partying By Age, from Cosmopolitan. It’s funny but also spookily accurate. Seriously age 21-22 and age 29 resonated a bit too close to home for me.


I’m heading down to Baltimore again this weekend to help BFF pack up everything she needs to move home next week – I ant believe it’s really happening and that my favorite person AND the beebs will be so close now! What are your weekend plans?

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  1. *snort*

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